‘Overwatch’ and ‘CS:GO’ will soon have eSports players associations

‘Overwatch’ and ‘CS:GO’ will soon have eSports players associations

There are two players associations that are in the works for professional competitors who play Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, according to report from Sports Business Journal. CS:GO will include players in the ESL Pro League and the FACEIT ECS League and is being led by eSports broadcaster Scott “SirScoots” Smith and attorney Michael Doi.

Smith told Sports Business Journal that the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA) will not be seeking to become a US Union since Counter-Strike player generally span across the globe, but they are looking to sign the over 255 players that professional participate. “Every day I sign another guy,” he said. “I would say 70 or so have signed an official membership document that they are for the players association, are behind the players association, they want to be in the players association.”

Those that are behind the Overwatch players association haven’t given much information behind their efforts, but they do plan to release formal details in around four months. The push for the organization is being led by Overwatch coach and former player Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch and sports labor attorney Ellen Zavian.

According to Sports Business Journal, the Overwatch association will most likely be modeled after other US unions like the NFL Players Association and NBA Players Association. “I don’t see this [players association] as any different than any other PA just because it’s eSports,” Zavian said. “So this isn’t something that will be a lighthearted step. This will be a big step. Kerbusch and Zavian didn’t provide any details if they’re collecting authorization cards, which is required for forming a union by US law.

If these two associations are successful in being formed, they will join last years player association by Riot Games for League of Legends players. The CSPPA has not set an official agenda yet but is already being contacted by tournament organizers, according to SMith. For the Overwatch association, Zavian says she sees the organization dealing with the usual issues that concern all professional players, like insurance, wages, education, and arbitration for grievances.

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