Consumer Electronics Show 2014 : What to look out for


6:00 CES(Consumer Electronic Show) is the biggest showdown of the latest tech innovation and products presenting the top companies in US the market. The CES is being organised at at the Las Vegas from 7-10 Jan. What a way to start the year. All the recent development in the tech industry being presented to the world at one place. It is great opportunity for the consumer as well as seller. Consumer will know what is in for them and for seller, obviously, an marketing and showcasing platform.

Here are the Techzones categorized by the CES for the exhibitions. These are the zones to look out for this years CES.
3D Printing: You must have until now heard about the 3D printer and 3doodler(A pen which draws 3d objects). This area will show the latest development in the 3D printing world. This is the one of the hot tech to look out for this year.

Academia Tech This will showcase the latest development in the Gaming world and the innovation in the technology.It will have the must have software and tech gears in a school.

Cisco’s Internet of Everything Cisco is the world leader in IT innovation and providing companies the much needed IT support and cutting edge technology. This will showcase the development in networking, data,process and much more.

Driverless Car ExperienceThis is the future of the car innovation. This is going to be the future of Driverless driving. This will showcase the recent developments in the Autonomous car driving experience. This will support the collision avoiding technology and emergency braking system.

Gaming Showcase Last month PS4 and xbox one made the holidays even better time to live. Now CES will present the latest gaming gadgets with development in the hardware and software.

GoElectricDrive Considering the scarcity of the fuels, electric cars seems to be one the major substitute of conventional fuel. This will be an opportunity to show the electric mobility and services related to the electric car world.

Hi-Res Audio Experience Yes, like Hi-Res TV you can experience the high quality sound and this will showcase the innovation of new gadgets and cost effective solutions.

Motion TechIn a world where you play motion sensing game on PS4 this is one major area of innovation and new addition to CES Techzone. This will be presenting the motion-sensors, the augmented reality and the eye-tracking technology.

Robotics This is one of the most fascinating topic for every human. The Robots which are entering your homes, offices will be doing your most of your mechanical work. The robots are being infused with the Artificial Intelligence. They have already made their position in the factories. Now is the time for home and offices.

I would like to say that this is great way to start a year. The movement in the tech industry can be viewed from here.

Hamza Khalid

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