Verizon customer can now enjoy free spam filter and anti-robocall tool

verizon customer can now enjoy free spam filter and anti robocall tool

For a while now, we have known that Verizon will bring a free version of its spam filter to all of its customer. Now, the wireless carrier has opened access to the free spam filter and is also rolling out anti-robocall technology.

The Call Filter app will detect and filter spam calls, and will allow customers to report the numbers that called. The tech can also automatically block robocalls. There is also a premium version available that comes with extra features, such as caller ID, personal block list and a risk meter. The premium version will cost you $2.99 per month.

If you have an iOS device, you can download an app called Call Filter through the App Store. On Android, it's a little more complicated because Verizon says most Android phones they sell have a Call Filter pre-installed, but the app is not available through the Google Play Store, right now.

This week, Verizon also started its rollout of STIR/SHAKEN caller ID technology. The tech attempts to detect when callers (eg. robocallers) spoof caller ID information to make it seem like their numbers are actually legitimate, and appear as if they're coming from your area code. Currently, the wireless carrier is using the tech on calls on its own network, and will later on expand to interconnections with other carriers in the months to come.

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