Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are still experiencing widespread service interruptions

facebook instagram and whatsapp are still experiencing widespread service interruptions

On Wednesday, users around the world started noticing that they aren't able to access Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. All three services have experienced interruptions throughout the day and still appear to be experiencing issues.

Services problems began around 11 a.m. Eastern Time and have been affecting users all over the world including United States, Japan, Australia and Mexico, per DownDetector, an analytics service that problems service interruption reports for the internet.

On Instagram, for example, profiles are not loading properly. Some Facebook users are experiencing empty news feeds, and some are able to see friends' updates but aren't able to interact with them. For WhatsApp users, they have had trouble sending and receiving messages all day.

As of 10 p.m. Eastern Time, service interruptions across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp continue and have not been resolved. Since Facebook's own platforms are experiencing problems, the social giant has used Twitter, the only other major platform it doesn't own, to announce updates throughout the day. The company has added that the issues currently being experienced is not the result of a cyberattack.

Hamza Khalid

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