BioWare’s ‘Anthem’ is reportedly causing shutdowns, bricking PS4s

biowares anthem is reportedly causing shutdowns bricking ps4s

BioWare's looter shooter, Anthem, is one the hot seat today. Many players have taken to Reddit and other forums to complains that the game is unexpectedly shutting off their consoles. The game is plaguing with issues that are causing problems for PS4 owners. Usually, if a game unexpectedly quits, the user will be booted back to the main menu or just the home screen, but in this case, some are booted back to the main menu. In one case, someone's PS4 was bricked as a result.

In a thread yesterday, titled “This is the only game that causes a complete PS4 shutdown,” Redditor ForTheMasters said that the game error usually sends him to the main menu or to the PS4 dashboard but there have been times the console shuts off completely. The thread has received nearly 2,000 upvotes, and there are also other commenters that are seeing the issue as well.

Apparently, after the console shuts down, there are even more troubles to get the console to reboot. Some players have reported that they have been unable to restart the console by pressing the front power button. Some players have had to unplug their consoles from the wall and replug it in order to get their PS4's to restart normally. One Redditor has claimed that the game has completely bricked their console.

If you've been playing Anthem on your PS4 or PS4 Pro and have been experiencing some issues, it's best you put down the game until the developer addresses these issues. Even if you aren't playing on the PlayStation console, you should try and avoid playing the game until some of these issues are addressed as they could potentially be linked.

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