Next week, Spotify will reveal future plans of its mobile app

Event will be on April 24th.

At an event next week, Spotify will be announcing news about the upcoming changes to its mobile app, according to the company sent out. The event is expected to feature presentations from chief R&D Officer Gustav Söderström, vice president of product development Babar Zafar, and global head of creator services Troy Carter.

The event is expected to be on April 24th since the initial invitation was sent out a couple weeks ago. When that initial invitation was sent out, it instructed recipients to save the date for an announcement, which lead guesses to update to the app, or possible Spotify hardware to be announced.

We now have confirmation that the event will be about the mobile app, with some new options possibly to be introduced. For example, Spotify has been testing voice control with select iOS accounts, allowing users to navigate the app more quickly and better experience. Additionally, Bloomberg reported that the company has been also working on several changes to the free tier that will make the service much easier to use, especially for mobile users.


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