Intel and AMD team up on new PC chip for a fight against Nvidia

This is the first partnership between Intel and AMD since 1980s

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday. Rivals Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are teaming up to work on a new laptop computer chip that will use an Intel processor and an AMD graphics unit. The companies are working together to fight against competitor Nvidia.

The new chip will be targeted for laptops that are designed to be thin and portable, but will also be powerful enough for gamers who need that extra power for intense games. As noted by The Wall Street Journal, this is the first partnership between Intel and AMD since 1980s. This new chip will be part of Intel’s eighth-generation Intel Core line.

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The laptop built with the newly-designed chips won’t compete with AMD’s Ryzen chips. The Ryzen chips are designed for ultra-thin laptops and due to come out later this year. AMD is very specific in pointing out that this new chip will be aimed at more serious gamers, whereas the Ryzen chips can run general games, but aren’t designed for the specific purpose of serious gaming.

Intel also mentions that this will be the first consumer product that uses the EMIB small intelligent bridge design.  This allows information to pass more quickly in “extreme close proximity.” This bridge allows the chips to not be only smaller but also more powerful. The new chips will use HBM2, and can be used in devices such as two-in-one, mini desktops, and notebooks.

We tell you all that is true. You can form your own view from what you read.

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