Three men steal $370,000 worth if iPhone X devices from a UPS truck

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Not only is the iPhone X hot among consumers but also among thieves. According to a local news report, three “husky” men wearing hoodies broke into a UPS truck that was parked outside an Apple Store in San Francisco and stoke more than 300 iPhone X devices. The total value of these devices is about $370,000.

This incident occurred between the hours of 11:15 am and 11:30 am PT Wednesday morning. It's really surprising to see that such a heist took place in a bright part of the day. Nonetheless, the driver of the UPS truck says that he locked the vehicle after parking outside the Stonestown Galleria mall, and went to a nearby Macy's to make another delivery. During the time the driver was making delivery, the thieves broke into to the trick, stole the devices, and took off in a white Dodge can with all 313 devices that cost at least $999.

Police are already investigating the matter. They believe that the thieves were tracking the truck for a while, planned everything, and knew what they were doing. “Given the dollar value in the incident itself it appears it was planned,” said SFPD Captain Rick Yick. UPS and Apple are working together with the police on the investigation.

It's unlikely that the stolen devices will further delay devices for the customers that were meant to get those devices that were stolen. Customers who planned to pick up their iPhone X at the Stonestown Apple Store will more than likely still get their device on time. Though these 313 devices won't make even the smallest dent in Apple's expected record-breaking quarter.

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