Amazon to shutdown its DVD rental service in Germany and UK

Catered to the Germany and UK markets, Amazon will be shutting down its DVD rental service in those areas. Lovefilm was acquired by Amazon in 2011, and is now being shut down later this year. According to Variety, the service did not operate anywhere else in the world.

Much like Netflix's monthly subscription fee, Livefilm subscribers receive a DVD or Blue-ray disc in the mail. Once they finished, all they had to do was mail it back. Unfortunately for Amazon, the service continuously struggled to dominate the market which currently is being overran by streaming services.

In a statement to Variety, Amazon said that “in the past years, a growing number of customers have made use of streaming services while the demand for renting DVD and Blu-ray discs has declined at the same time.”

The service will be officially shutting down October 31st, 2017. While Lovefilm is shutting down, it plans to donate its DVDs to charity upon closure, according to Amazon spokesperson.

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