BREAKING: Samsung told to pay $290 million to Apple

Apple-vs-Samsung-lawsuit1Well, the final verdict is in from the jury.  Samsung has already paid $600 million to Apple for being found guilty on patent infringement.  Now, Apple was looking to get an additional $380 million in damages from Samsung.  The final verdict is on from the jury…

A jury in California has decided that Samsung owes Apple an additional $290 million in damages.  This amount is smaller than the $380 million Apple was originally seeking to get, but it's still quite the sum amount Samsung has to pay.

Later year in August, Samsung was told to pay Apple a total sum of $1.05 billion in damages for infringing on their intellectual property.  Judge Koh looked over all of the evidence and said that the jury calculated the damages improperly.  She then cut the amount to less than $600 million.

Now Samsung will be writing a $890 million check to Apple for the total damages.  This is a significant amount that Samsung was not looking to pay.  After Judge Koh knocked off a considerable amount from the total damages last August, that was a sign of relief.

This is an extreme blow to Apple.  In the end, they were only able to shave off a little amount form the $1.05 billion, but still have to write a big check for the Cupertino giant.

Source:  Bloomberg

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