Looking to purchase iPhone 5c? Look to Walmart and Best Buy

iphone5cthreeLast month, Apple introduced the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.  Both phones received a lot of attention, but the iPhone 5s took the crown.  The iPhone 5c is a new shelled iPhone 5 with minimal upgrades, which is last years model.  Nonetheless, the 5c is an impressive phone.  Retailers are already offering the iPhone 5c at a discounted rate.

First, Best Buy has started to run an offer for those interested in getting the iPhone 5c.  With the purchase of an iPhone 5c with a 2-year contract, the company will give you a $50 gift card.  This means you are getting the iPhone 5c for $49.99.  The bad news is that you cannot use the $50 gift card towards your iPhone 5c purchase immediately.  The credits are good for future purchases, such as buying accessories or other products of you choosing.

Now Walmart is offering a deal that beats Best Buy (via TechnoBuffalo).  The company is offering the iPhone 5c at $45 with a 2-year contract.  The deal is good through the holidays, as opposed to Best Buy, who just ended their deal as it was for the weekend only.

Walmart spokesperson Sarah McKinney said that the deep discounter is “always looking for ways to surprise our customers with low prices and disrupt the competition.

Will you be getting the iPhone 5c from Walmart?

Hamza Khalid

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