Pebble Watch to become available in AT&T retail stores

pebble-130109-1Pebble Watch has not been the easiest to get hands on ever since the completion of the Kickstarter project.  Early models suffered from issues, limited supply, you name it.  Best Buy not too long ago started carrying the watch.  I went to Best Buy on a regular basis (every other day) to see if they had any Pebble Watch's in stock, but they would either run out, or didn't have the stock in yet.

If you're tired of going to Best Buy, you may now turn your attention to another location.  AT&T has announced that it will be the “exclusive carrier” to sell the Pebble Watch.  The carrier has been given exclusive rights by Pebble to be the only carrier in United States to sell the smart watch.  How long will this last for?  We don't know yet.

The smart watch is expected to sell at 500 of AT&T’s retail stores on Sept. 27, and coming to more locations in October.  So sit tight and check out your local AT&T retail store to see if they have any starting tomorrow, and if they don't, be sure to ask when they will get their shipment.

Will you be getting one?


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