Plans from Epic Games Store will include cloud saves and achievements

plans from epic games store will include cloud saves and achievements

According to a public roadmap posted by Epic, its Epic Games Store will include a host of steady additions that will surely impress you. The store will bringing some nifty addition, including addition of cloud saves ass soon as May, and offline mode upgrades planned for April release. After that, Epic will bring host of other features, such as user reviews, wish lists, mod support and in-game overlays, are expected to be brought to the platform in the next four to six months.

While many of these features are great addition, they're not all. The developer is expected to bring achievements, gifting, revamped social features and an Android store for the long run.

While the company is introducing user reviews, it's expected to not get into the pitfall associated with user reviews, so it will be taking each step very carefully. By default, reviews will be off, which will potentially limit the effects of review bombing.

While Epic has provided a roadmap for its Store, there's no guarantee that everything will arrive on time or without hiccups. Instead, the outline gives everyone a clear indication of Epic's goals for the next year. The company wants to achieve feature parity with stores like Steam on many offerings. These types of offerings will entice game developer to give the Epic Games Store a try without having to worry about giving a larger cut to the store.

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