Fiat Chrysler is recalling 182K RAM pickups due to power steering issues

Fiat Chrysler has announced that they're recalling more than 182,000 pickup trucks worldwide. The automaker cited a need to fix an electrical problem that can knock out power steering in the vehicles.

In the recall, the automaker is covering Ram 1500 pickup trucks in the 2019 model year. Most fo the trucks are in the United States and Canada, and one-third of them are still on dealer lots as well.

On Friday, the company said that a fastener that grounds the battery was not secured properly during the manufacturing process. The problem is that the connection can become loose, which then disables power steering. Even after disabling of power steering, while drivers are still able to steer, the consistency of steering would not be there. So far, FCA has reported no crashes or injuries.

In this recall, all dealers will secure the fasteners at no cost to the vehicle owners. The automaker says that it does not have a date for the recall to start, but according to U.S. law, the recall must start within 60 days.

If you have a Ram 1500 pickup truck, head on over to the nearest dealer you to inquire about this recall and additional details.

Hamza Khalid

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