Walmart to hire 900 more truck drivers, raise their salaries to almost $90,000

In 2018, Walmart hired more than 1,400 drivers and currently employees around 8,000 drivers for its transport fleet. The company is taking things to a new level by hiring 900 more drivers as well as providing pay increases.

Starting February, existing drivers will see a pay increase. “A one cent per mile increase and additional pay for every arrival means that Walmart drivers will now earn on average $87,500 a year and with an all-in rate close to 89 cents per mile,” according to Walmart officials.

While Walmart is interested in hiring 900 more drivers, the catch is that the company only wants experienced drivers. “To qualify for the onboarding, drivers must already meet Walmart’s high minimum standards for its private fleet drivers, which includes 30 months of experience in the past three years and a clean safety record,” Walmart officials wrote. 

Due to a nationwide truck driver shortage, Walmart has loosened up its strict selection process for how it hires truck drivers, per Business Insider report. The report also says that blue-collar workers who would typically go after truck driving jobs are starting to move into areas that provide high paying jobs.

If you're a truck driver and are interested, you can apply to be a truck driver on Walmart's website.

Hamza Khalid

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