Cheating in ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Fortnite’ is taken very seriously by Epic and Blizzard

Blizzard and Epic will not tolerate any cheating in Overwatch and Fortnite. Per Kotaku, we learned that a pair of Overwatch hackers were charged in South Korea after a year-long investigation by the authorities. Working together with Blizzard, the Seoul National Police Agency Cyber Security Department arrested more than a dozen hackers in total.

The first of the pair of offenders is on probation for two years. Should he violate the probation terms, he will be put in jail. The other of the pair has been fined ₩10,000,000 ($9,286.43). Starting last June, it became illegal to create and distribute game hacks in South Korea. Offenders could see a maximum fine of about $50,000 or five years in prison.

It's not just South Korea either. Earlier this week, we learned that Chinese authorities arrested around 15 hackers, and fined them over $4.5 million for their illegally activities.

These actions seem justified, frankly. Developers are spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours into the games they're creating. They don't want the games to be ruined and all the fun taken out thanks to a few bad apples that create hacks and workarounds that give an unfair advantage.

Hamza Khalid

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