Mercedes’ ridesharing service ViaVan arrives in London

Mercedes’ ridesharing service ViaVan arrives in London

Uber is about to feel some competition from another ridesharing service. Mercedes-Benz and Via are bringing their ridesharing service ViaVan in Zones 1 and 2 of London, giving the residents a “ride-pooling” option that helps bridge the gap between plain ridesharing and mass transit.

The reason for the popularity is due to the low cost with multi-passenger rides. For a limited time, get rides into and out of Zone 1 that will run you for a low price of £3 (about $4). You must understand that ViaVan has pickup and drop-off points, so you'll have to travel to them nearby instead of getting picked up at your exact location.

In March, the service premiered in Amsterdam and now it's expanding to London. The service is helping drivers make a “decent living,” which is a direct jab at Uber, which has a reputation for less-than-stellar pay for its drivers. ViaVan has claimed that it takes the smallest cut of any comparable service in London.

Hamza Khalid

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