Ecuador has cracked down on Julian Assange’s internet access

Ecuador has cracked down on Julian Assange’s internet access

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's internet access is now being suspended. The Ecuadorian government has suspended Assange's internet communications, which prevents him from sending tweets or other messages from the country's embassy in London.

Assange was granted Ecuadorian citizenship this year and has been living at the embassy for six years to avoid extradition for rape charges in Sweden, which have since been dropped.

While the Ecuadorian government has cut off Assange's internet access, it isn't the first time. Though, the last time he went silent on Twitter, it may have been a fluke. The Ecuadorian government previously shut down his internet access temporarily after WikiLeaks published information from Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Thanks for a Twitter user, the Ecuadorian government says that it suspended “the systems that allow Julian Assange to communicate with the outside world” from within the embassy itself. Assange apparently breached a written agreement that said to not send messages that interfered with other governments. The document asserts that Assange's tweet “puts at risk the good relations that the country maintains with the United Kingdom.”

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