Kim Dotcom is suing New Zealand government for up to $6.8 billion

Kim Dotcom is suing New Zealand for up to $6.8 billion

That isn't a small number, you're reading it right. Kim Dotcom is reportedly suing New Zealand government for billions of dollars in damages over his arrest in 2012. The founder of file-sharing website MegaUpload is seeking up to $6.8 billion in damages.

Dotcom is seeking that large amount over the destruction of his business and damage to his reputation. His home was raided and business was shut down at the time of his arrest, BBC reported on Monday. The United States Government Show down MegaUpload, which allegedly was a haven for online piracy.

Dotcom argues that an invalid warrant was used to arrest him, which means that all charges against him were also invalid. He's asking to be compensated for all lost business opportunities since 2012. “I cannot be expected to accept all the losses to myself and my family as a result of the action of the New Zealand government,” Dotcom told the BBC.

“This should never have happened and they should have known better. And because they made a malicious mistake, there is now a damages case to be answered.”

Right now, Dotcom is fighting extradition to the US, where he faces arrest on a number of copyright and money laundering charges. His next hearing for the case is set for Feb. 20. Dotcom is said to be doing everything in his power to fight extradition and wants to be obtain the rightful damages he deserves for all that he lost since his arrest in 2012.

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