Google is giving six months of free Netflix to Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook owners

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If you're the owner of a Google Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus user, then Google has a small gift for you. Google is giving those owners a reward in the form of six months of free Netflix.

Are there any gimmicks or fine prints to the offer? Not really because it's pretty straightforward. If you own one of the three eligible Chromebooks that we previously mentioned, head over to Google's Chromebook offer site to redeem this. By redeeming, you will get six months of Netflix's $10.99 per month offer.

Netflix's $10.99 offer is the “Two Screens at a Time” plan. If you already have a Netflix plan, you can apply the value of the offer to that instead. There's one small thing to keep in mind. This offer is only valued before the end of December. So you have this entire month to redeem this offer, but after December 31, the offer will be gone.

Take advantage of the offer while it lasts. Be the proud owner of a Google Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus.

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