Sony to introduce a new phone design after four years

For the last four years, Sony's phones more or less have looked almost exactly the same in terms of design. In an interview with Indian Express, there could finally be a change coming very soon. Speaking to Indian Express, Sony's managing director for India, Kenichiro Hibi, said that the company is “planning to launch [a] new generation of products, and you can expect a complete new design from the devices.”

We don't have a timeline of when Sony will unveil a newly designed phone or when it will arrive to the consumer market. From previous trends, Sony normally waits until Mobile World Congress to unveil major phones, which is in February, and then at IFA, which is in August.

Potentially, we may see Sony unveil a new phone design in February at Mobile World Congress. Hibi said to Indian Express that the phone design will arrive “soon.” A new design is really needed for Sony. While their phones are attractive, they don't have a major selling points over its competitors that are constantly introducing new technology. For example, companies are now reducing the bezel designs of the phones while Sony's phone are full of bezel, so far.

Sony could potentially release a phone with a taller screen, potentially adopting an 18:9 aspect ratio, and smaller bezels like its competitors. Knowing Sony, they will find a way to maintain the company design “elegance” in the newly introduced phone(s).

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