Amazon unveils new alarm clock called Echo Spot with 2.5-inch screen

Amazon on Wednesday took the wraps off a new product called the Echo Spot. It's an interesting and new kind of alarm clock that has a small screen, and serves as a smart alarm clock.

This alarm clock is an evolution of both the Echo Dot and Echo Show. It brings a 2.5-inch screen and the entire device can be placed virtually anywhere in the house, the company says. “It works great as an alarm clock. But it does a lot more,” Amazon devices chief Dave Limp said.

In addition to being an alarm clock, the Spot will be able to make video calls. It has a built-in sound but also has a line out that will let you connect external speakers, either via cable or Bluetooth.

The Echo Spot will run you $130. In terms of getting your hands on the product, it can be preordered starting today and will go on sale in December.

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