Amazon is offering $5 credit for any download made through Amazon Appstore

amazonappstore5credit2:15 PM – Christmas is right upon us.  Amazon is now offering you a their Christmas present by giving you $5 of credit for any app you download from the Amazon Appstore.  The company is trying to attract customers to use their Appstore more often.  This is a good attempt to gain customers and loyal users.

To qualify for the credit, all you have to do is go to the Amazon Appstore and download any app.  It doesn't need to be paid and can simply be a free app.  After the download, you will receive $5 credit to your account.  This can be used towards buying any game or app of your choice.  If you're buying a new Android device for a loved one, the $5 would make a nice gift to get them started, don't you think?

This offer is running through December 28, so it's just a couple of days.  Take advantage of the offer while you can because it won't last very long.  How often do you get $5 for free?  Amazon will also be offering game and app bundles, so keep an eye out for that in the Amazon Appstore.

Share this information with your loved ones and let them know they can get $5 for free.


Hamza Khalid

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