BlackBerry may lose two more execs after upcoming earning report

BlackBerry-Logoblackberry-logoblackberry-logo229:10 AM – BlackBerry can't seem to catch a break these days.  The company has been on a exec-losing spree.  First it's headset business is tumbling and now new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that the company is about to lose two more execs.  BlackBerry on Friday will be reporting its November quarter earnings report.

While the company shuffles to get things reworked and mind you, Interim CEO John Chen has a lot of work cut out for himself, BlackBerry is expected to post another loss report.  This time around, the reports will be even worse compared to same time last year.  BlackBerry is expected to post a loss of -$0.46 per share, compared to a -$0.22 per share last year.  The company is also expected to put a massive write-down from unsold headset inventory.

The two top-level executives expected to be let go are BlackBerry’s M&A boss Chris Wormald and EVP overseeing global sales Rick Costanzo.  Chris Wormald is expected to depart by the end of December and Rick Castonza will depart sometime early next year.

Of course BlackBerry won't confirm this right now.  Soon, the company will be posting its quarter report and confirmed reports will come out about the executives being let go.  BlackBerry has already let go many top-level executives and the release continues with two more.  The company is shuffling right now, hard at work to re-focus its goal.

Hamza Khalid

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