Epic Games will introduce two-factor SMS and email verification to boost security

Epic Games Will Introduce Two-factor Sms And Email Verification To Boost Security

Epic Games is bringing extra security measures to user accounts. In an account security update posted by the company, it said that text-based multi-factor authentication will be brought in the near future. SMS-based authentication may not be the most secure form of two-factor, but the option will be most appreciated by those that don't always have an internet connection to access authenticator apps or even their email accounts.

In the near future, the company will start requiring email verification on all new accounts. There was not much of an explanation given on why these security measures weren't implemented from the start, but better late than never. The company recently experienced a botnet attach that created millions of accounts using emails found online. Epic Games is currently working to deactivate those accounts, but is telling new users that should they find their email address already registered, they should reclaim it by resetting their passwords.

Taking Extra Security Measures

Password security is one of utmost importance, which is why Epic Games is making sure users' passwords are secure by comparing them against Have I Been Pwned's databased before being applied. By doing this, the company is hoping to prevent players from using their old and hacked passwords that are registered in leaked and stolen databases.

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