T-Mobile and Sprint merger ‘unlikely’ to happen without major changes

T-mobile And Sprint Merger ‘unlikely’ To Happen Without Major Changes

According to Wall Street Journal‘s sources, Department of Justice told T-Mobile and Sprint that their $26 billion merger is “unlikely” to receive approval under the current structure. DOJ officials are questioning claims that the merger would create “important efficiencies.” WSJ‘s sources also say State antitrust officials have their questions about the merger.

We reached out to both T-Mobile and Sprint. We have not received a response on the apparent leaks.

If WSJ‘s report prove to be true, this could signal some major trouble for both wireless carriers. Both companies had hoped to have the merger completed before July, but it doesn't look like it will happen. If terms of their agreement must be changed, this could prolong the time frame of the merger, if it happens at all. Should the merger hit a complete stop because of agreement terms, they may scrap everything altogether, again.

Hamza Khalid

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