YouTube record smashed by K-pop megagroup BTS

Youtube Record Smashed By Bts

K-pop megagroup BTS just smashed Blackpink's one-day viewing record just one week later (via Variety). BTS got 78 million views for their “Boy With Luv” music video within its first 24 hours of the video being uploaded to YouTube. To further add, it wasn't even close. K-pop BTS group managed to get 78 million compared to ‘just' 56.7 million by Blackpink's “Kill This Love.”

The BTS video “Boy With Luv” managed to rack up 2 million comments over the initial period as well. The video has also surpassed Blackpink's three-day viewing record (100 million). So far, the video has 145 million views.

The video is a hot new single from BTS band that is very popular around the world, and with guest vocals to draw in larger audiences. This goes to show you that YouTube has plenty of room to grow with BTS band making quite the hit on the platform.

Hamza Khalid

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