Everything you need to know about ‘Destiny 2’ spring event

Everything You Need To Know About ‘destiny 2’ Spring Event

We got hints at a possible spring-themed Destiny 2 event on Bungie's year two roadmap, and now we're getting all the details and specifics for the event. Named The Revelry, the event is set to kick off April 16th with a host of activities for all players.

Remember the Haunted Forest from last year's Festival of the Lost? The Revelry has a similar theme but on a more cheerful landscape and “new twists.” Instead of making recipes and putting on masks, players get a Reveler's Tonic that will provide buffs when you fill it with “essence.” The essence is earned by killing Verdant Forest bosses or completing other tasks.

The Loot

Can't forget about the loot, right? There's plenty of loot to go around. Inaugural Revelry and Vernal Growth armor sets are not only unique, but help player enhance the effectiveness of the tonic. In addition, there are ornaments on the armor that will grow larger as you wear more Revelry-specific armor.

Player can snag themselves a unique and game's first kinetic fusion rile, the Arbalest, by turning in essence and completing triumphs. There's also plenty of cosmetics to go around that can be obtained from Eververse store and even purchased through real cash.

The event begins April 16th and will wrap up May 7th, and is available to all Destiny 2 players. The Revelry event may not be as big as the usual seasons, but it is important because it brings some new additions when content is becoming dry. Not to mention loot, lots of it. Who doesn't love that?

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