A record 83% of U.S. teens have an iPhone, new survey says

According To A New Survey, A Record 83% Of U.s. Teens Have An Iphone

According to investment bank Piper Jaffary's semiannual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey, a record 83 percent of U.S. teens own an iPhone as of spring 2019. Around 8,000 high school students were involved in this survey, with roughly 54 percent male and 46 percent female and average age of 16.3 years.

The survey was divided into two distinct income groups: “upper-income” and “average-income.” The former are households with incomes approximately $100,000, and the latter are households with incomes approximately $55,000, based on zip code and census data.

There are 86 percent of U.S. teens expecting their next phone to be an iPhone. Apple's popularity has continued to grow over the years, rising from 75 percent in spring 2019. Popularity among teens is a great sign for Apple because it means the company can convert them to continue being iPhone users into adulthood.

Per survey, 27 percent of U.S. teens own a smartwatch, and 22 percent of respondents plan to buy an Apple Watch within the next six months. For comparison, 20 percent of teens have said that they plan to purchase an Apple Watch in the next six months from a survey a year ago.

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