According to Elon Musk, Tesla Autopilot will soon be able to avoid potholes on the road

According To Elon Musk, Tesla Autopilot Will Soon Be Able To Avoid Potholes On The Road

As Tesla releases more softwares for Autopilot, it will become more complex and have more capabilities. According to CEO Elon Musk, Autopilot will eventually be able to avoid potholes on the road (via Twitter).

Recently, Tesla released a new ‘more seamless' Navigate on Autopilot feature enabling autonomous driving on the highway without inputs from the driver. Before you start jumping, it's worth mentioning that it still requires constant monitoring of the system.

There are many more features to come, including Enhanced Summon. Through this special feature, you have the option to choose between ‘FIND ME', prompting the car to find your location based on your phone's GPS, or a GPS pin will drop at the location of your car. The feature only works within 150 feet of the car.

Releasing a feature to avoid potholes on the road would be a big deal for Tesla and its drivers. It would solidify Tesla's stand on a solid vision-based autonomous driving system.

Potholes can be very dangerous, especially in places where temperates change rapidly. For example, in the northeast, where the snow can fall quickly. Having a Autopilot feature that enables drivers to avoid potholes can prolong the life of tires and the vehicles overall.

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