Tesla Model 3: New software update will allow higher power output for better performance


Tesla is working to release a new software update for the Model 3. In the new software update, Model 3 drivers will be able to drive at higher speeds for longer periods of time. For owners with the Performance edition, it will result in a higher top speed.

When Tesla previously introduced the base Model 3 for $35,000, it brought shorter range and a new interior. At the same time, the company promised several upgrades to existing Model 3 vehicles through software. Now the company is starting to fulfill its promises.

Previously, Tesla released an update to increase the Model 3 range and increasing the power output of the vehicle through software update. Now, Tesla is working on a new ‘High Speed Performance' software update for its most affordable vehicle.

Per sources familiar on the matter, update ‘2019.12' will be released in the coming week. This update will enable Model 3 vehicles to maintain power at high speeds. In release notes, the company wrote:

“Your car is now able to maintain torque and power for longer periods of time when driving at high speeds.”

For customers with the Model 3 Performance model, it will include an increase in the top speed. Here's what the release notes said:

“The top speed of your car has also been increased to 162 MPH.”

Currently, the top speed is 155 MPH, so there is a slight increase.

Keeping Promises?

For a long time, Tesla vehicles have been criticized for not maintaining high power outputs for long periods of time. This made is difficult for drivers to use their vehicles during high speed commuting.

Tesla and company CEO Elon Musk are working hard to gain traction again. The company has suffered a number of setbacks, such as losing Consumer Reports recommendation, selling less cars than anticipated, and even social drama between Musk and the SEC.

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