Apple HomePod price discounted to $299

Apple Homepod Price Discounted To $299

If you're in the market for a HomePod, a discounted is available directly from Apple. The company dropped the price of HomePod by up to 18 percent, depending on the regions. Spotted by 9to5Mac, the smart speaker's price has dropped from $349 to $299 in US stores, $449 to $399 in Canada and £319 to £279 in the UK.

Generally speaking, third-party retailers have already been offering discounts on Apple HomePod. This is the first time Apple has initiated a price drop for the smart speaker. Typically, Apple does not discount prices on products through current-gen life cycle.

Apple discounted the prices in various regions, but competing brands are offering better and lower pricing on their products. For example, speakers from Amazon and Google are less expensive (minus the Google Home Max), while there are Sonos products that are still cheaper than HomePod.

The HomePod sounds like a great smart speaker, but limitations have plagued the device's sales. For instance, you can connect seven Echo Dots to a smart home network for the same price as getting a single HomePod. Alexa and Google Assistant also have a wider reach and are more open than Siri.

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