Tesla’s Model Y starts at $39,000

tesla model y mid sized suv

At its event today, Tesla finally unveiled its long-awaited Model Y, a crossover mid-sized SUV. While the presentation about the Model Y itself was quite short, there were some crucial details unveiled that are definitely worth sharing.

With an uncertain and undisclosed fully potential range of the Model Y, the electric car starts at $39,000, which is $4,000 more than the base level Model 3. This puts the Model Y right in with what Kia and Hyundai are offering with their cars. However, once you start stacking the Model Y with the features being offered, the car starts going into the ranges of Audi's E-Tron and Jaguar's I-Pace.

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If you were expecting the Falcon doors on the Model Y, you're in for a disappointment because those doors are only be found on the Model X. These doors have been quite the feature for consumers and have absolutely loved it, but have been a pain for Tesla during manufacturing.

Musk announced that pre-orders for the Model Y are open right now. So, if you're interested, head on over to Tesla.com to place your order on the Model Y. Musk noted that the Model Y should be coming off production lines in 2019. If you happen to be one of those that puts cash down right now for the Model Y, make sure you remember that it will be a while before you get your hands on the electric crossover.

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