Microsoft assures Project xCloud game streaming service will not replace your Xbox consoles

microsoft assures project xcloud game streaming service will not replace your xbox consoles

Last October, we learned about Microsoft's Project xCloud game streaming service, and the company has been fairly silent about it so far. There have been worries such as the game streaming service replacing Xbox consoles, and now the company is laying some of those rumors to rest by setting the record straight.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Kareem Choudhry, CVP of Gaming Cloud at Microsoft, described Project xCloud as “a vision for game-streaming technology that will complement our console hardware and give gamers more choices in how and where they play.”

Ultimately, Microsoft wants to bring new levels of convenience to its gamers. Foe example, there's been technology improvements to the way you read books, listen to music and even watch movies “on whichever device is most convenient,” the company wants to apply that same convenience when it comes to gaming.

“We’re developing Project xCloud not as a replacement for game consoles, but as a way to provide the same choice and versatility that lovers of music and video enjoy today,” says Choudhry. “We love what’s possible when a console is connected to a 4K TV with full HDR support and surround sound – that remains a fantastic way to experience console gaming.”

Choudhry, however, does make a note that Project xCloud is to create a “future where you will be able to seamlessly access content on your phone, tablet or another connected device.”

“We now find ourselves at an inflection point, where current technology can deliver a console-quality experience with the right cloud infrastructure, content and community in place,” says Choudhry.

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