Captain Marvel brings in $455 million in worldwide weekend sales

captain marvel brings in 455 million in worldwide weekend sales

Disney's latest Marvel superhero film offering, Captain Marvel, has brought the company some serious cash this weekend. The movie has brought in a total of $455 million total box office sales this weekend.

Captain Marvel, the first Marvel movie to be headlined exclusively by a female superhero, is the second largest global opening of any superhero movie. It falls behind Avengers: Infinity War, and is the sixth best global officer premier of all time.

The film has once again shown that when underrepresented demographics get their chance in promising entertainment, audiences will come out to see with their wallets wide open.

While Captain Marvel has done exceptionally well so far, Marvel's highest grossing movie to date for the U.S. office is Black Panther, which brought in a staggering $700 million in movie theaters across North America.

Hamza Khalid

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