Huawei is getting ready to sue the U.S. government

huawei is getting ready to sue the us government

In an unsurprising move, the Chinese electronics company, Huawei, is getting ready to sue the United States government for barring federal agencies from conducting business with them, according to two sources that gave details to The New York Times.

The lawsuit is set to be filed in the Eastern District of Texas. That's where Huawei has its American headquarters, per sources that spoke with Times. Huawei plans to announce the lawsuit sometime this week.

The lawsuit shouldn't come as a huge surprise given how much the U.S. government has tormented Huawei. Because the U.S. government has brought allegations against Huawei and barred federal agencies from doing business with the Chinese company, it could make the matter between the two more public, providing more insight and details into what exactly happened.

Huawei executives have spoken out against United States government's actions against the company. For many years, United States officials have said that Huawei's telecommunications equipment can be used to spy and disrupt communication networks. Unsurprisingly, the company has denied these allegations. Wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon has been prevented from doing business with Huawei and using their equipment because of these concerns.

In part to help its image, products, and brand, the company has launched several marketing campaigns to re-earn the trust from American consumers.

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