YouTube reworks its strike system to go easy on first-time offenders

YouTube reworks its strike system to go easy on first-time offenders

Over the years, YouTube has faced criticism for its strike system, and it's warranted. If you're a YouTuber and did something wrong, you would get punished for it, but would not always know what happened. Punishments usually vary from a small slap on the wrist to a huge strike on your channel. This is starting to now change.

Starting February 25th, YouTube is implementing a new strike system that promises to bring more clarity on offenses and a more gentler approach to penalties being handed out. In the new system, the penalties will stay the same, but the penalty handouts will be gentler. All first-time offenders will receive a warning from the penalty system instead of a strike. At the same time, YouTube will pull the content in question, but creators will not lose any privileges.

If a creators is persistent in committing offenses, YouTube's first strike will be a one-week freeze on uploads and “other channel activities,” and the strike will disappear in 90 days. For the second strike, if within the 90 day window, will lead to a two-week freeze, and the third strike will lead to YouTube terminating the channel on the platform.

No matter the offense, YouTube is taking a better approach to make sure there's better communication, notifications and transparency with creators. This includes giving creators notices on what happened and what was done about it. YouTube has many other issues to deal with, such as clearly false content, but the platform is starting somewhere. They're headed in the right direction.

Hamza Khalid

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