Check out Cadillac’s teaser images of its first all-electric vehicle

GM previously announced that Cadillac would be its lead brand for electric vehicle, and now we are getting images in the form of teasers for the automakers first planned electric vehicle.

Taking a look at the images, Cadillac is definitely taking its design and vision to a new level. Cadillac's first EV will be a crossover, and will use GM's “BEV3” next-generation electric vehicle platform, which brings flexibility to the automaker for different vehicle types, and will be able to accommodate front, rear, and all-well drive options.

The company is positioning itself to be a game changer and aggressive player in the EV market. It's looking to be a major player in mass-market as well as all the way to the luxurious offerings.

While we have images of the EV, we don't have any names, trims, specs, no additional details. The company said that details for the EV will be revealed “closer to launch.”

While the company revealed its all-new XT6 crossover at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week, it also hinted at a future for the Escalade and another upcoming performance sedan. “Overall, Cadillac will introduce new models at the rate of roughly one every six months through 2021,” the company said.

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