Walmart set to open an Amazon Go-style store through Sam’s Club

Taking a play out of Amazon's playbook, Walmart is set to use Sam's Club warehouse store to bring shopper a whole new experience. The wholesale store paired with Amazon Go-like experience will be coming to Dallas consumers and will be under the name Sam's Club Now (via CNET).

Here's how the new tech-filled experience will work at Sam's Club Now:

  • Shoppers will download Sam's Club Now app on their phones.
  • Upon entering the store, they will use the app to scan items as they put them in their cart.
  • When customers are ready to check out, they will bring the cart to a Sam's Club worker, who will then scan a code on their phone.

Pretty simply, right? That's not all. Sam's Club and Walmart plan to use the mobile-drive experience to help improve the overall experience of shopper. In addition, the Sam's Club app will use augmented reality experience to display information about items in the store. Customers will have access to voice search capabilities to assist in their shopping experience, such as asking where a certain item is located and customers will then be directed to where the item is kept.

Currently, there's no launch date set for the 32,000 quake-foot facility. What we do know is that Walmart is taking notes from Amazon's playbook and revolutionize a new shopping experience for their customers.

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