Some Google Pixel 3 owners are claiming their photos aren’t saving

If you're a Google Pixel owner and are having trouble saving your photos, don't worry, you're not alone. Reports from users on Reddit and Google‘s own support forums say that Google Pixel 23, 3XL, 2 and 2XL models are experiencing problems saving photos right after being taken.

The problem starts after taking a photo with Google Camera and then you either switch to another app or lock your phone. Some users have reported an issue where they see a thumbnail appearing after taking the photo but then when they go to select the photo, it's gone. Other users have, per The Verge, that photo may not appear in the gallery right away, but will show up after a while.

Many users have reported problems with this bug and have expressed their displeasure. Some have tried to find a workout as well. Redditors erbat and Omega192 have suggested to either turn off HDR or leave the camera app open until HDR finishes processing completely.

It also appears that it may not be limited to just Pixel phones. Omega192 says that they are a Nexus 5X user and are experiencing the bug, so this is likely an issue widespread across Android as opposed to just on Pixel phones. The Verge notes that some owners of Moto Z2, Moto E4 and Galaxy S9 have reported the bug as well.

Google has yet to comment on this issue. Once we hear something on this situation, we will provide an update for everyone. In the mean time, hang in there.

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