Tesla is finally rolling out much-anticipated software update

After much wait and anticipation, Tesla is finally ready to release a new software update that brings a lot to the table. The new software update is for every “Model S, Model X and Model 3 ever built,” includes everything from Atari games onboard to having 360-degree surround camera for viewing pleasures.

Customers can use the new app launcher, as well as hav the ability to switch between apps by just swiping up and down. You can download this update via WiFi, and schedule it at your convenience. You can trigger the software update remotely through the app, let passengers control media playback using their phones, and send navigations to the car's own software using your phone's mapping software.

Cars that have newer Hardware 2.5 built-in, the have the capability to enable dashcam recordings from the car's front-facing camera, and save it all to a flash drive that can be plugged in through the USB port in the car. To record, all you have to do is press an icon to save a 10 minute clip, and to pause, all you have to do is holding the same icon down.

In addition to everything mentioned, climate controls have received some tweaks as well. You can turn then on or off without opening the full menu, adjust rear seat heaters, wiper heater, and steering wheel heater all from the same location (Model S and Model X).

While Tesla is introducing many needed and cool features, it's holding back driving assistance features, specifically full self-driving system. Tesla says it's holding back because they are still conducting more tests. The company says that upgrades for the Autopilot driving assist will be rolling out “in the coming months,” including Navigate for Autopilot.

Version 9 of the software is now rolling out in US & Canada, with other countries expected to get their hands on the release “soon.”

Hamza Khalid

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