AMC’s A-List service now has 400,000 subscriber after 14 weeks

MoviePass competitor, AMC's A-List service, has reached quite a milestone. This week, AMC announced that the service has passed 400,000 subscribers. Per release, this basically means that the goal AMC set out for 500,000 in one-year period, it's already 80 percent of the way there in just 14 weeks.

If you haven't heard of AMC's A-List, it allows moviegoers to go see three movies per week for $19.95. Unlike MoviePass, you're allows to see any combination of three movies per week, even if you want to watch the same movies three times on the same day. An added bonus is that you are able to buy those tickets days or even weeks in advance through AMC's mobile app or website.

AMC's competitor to MoviePass has seen some good success so far. While AMC continues to be on the rise, MoviePass has scaled back its service, such as only allowing three movies per month. Previously, they allowed one movie per day.

Hamza Khalid

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