Uber driver out of Denver allegedly killed passenger in self-defense

An Uber driver from Denver has been arrested in an investigation where he's being brought into first-degree murder charges. On early morning of June 1st, Michael Hancock shot his customer, Hyun Kim, several times in self-defense after he was attacked while driving on the highway. Uber hasn't provided any details regarding the investigation, but noted that they're provided assistance to the police and have revoked Hancock's access to the drivers while investigation occurs.

At this time, Hancock's claims can't be taken are completely accurate, but one thing for certain is that he was violating Uber‘s policies by carrying a gun in the first place while operating. Uber has strictly forbidden its drivers and passengers from carrying firearms in most states. The company has provided confirmation that its no-gun stance also applies to Colorado.

Hancock claims self-defense, it's not certain if he will face charges of first-degree murder. To add, Uber‘s position it preventing these types of incidents is also complicated. While Uber couldn't have prevented Hancock from bringing a firearm with him, the company should have taken note of his multiple traffic convictions. If the company had paid more close attention, they may have disqualified him  during background check because the company disqualifies drivers that have either major violations of “recent history” of minor violations.

Hamza Khalid

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