Latest version of Chrome learns to mute websites based on your web history

The browser will learn and act based on your habits.

Previously, we learned that Google Chrome will mute auto-playing contents before it’s blasted in your ears. Sometimes though, don’t you just want to have the sound come on, like when you’re watching a livestream? Google is now making it easier for you to turn those types of sounds on.

In the latest version of Chrome, the web browser will automatically mute and plays tabs based on your browsing history. For example, if you tend to mute a certain websites, Chrome will learn to silence the tab on its own. For other websites, if you allow the sound to go through, Chrome will learn to not mute them.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need a history for this to work, either. If you were to install a default version of Chrome, the browser will default to autoplaying on 1,000-plus websites where users feel most comfortable having sound come through. Google has already said that there may be moments where you have to unmet a clip yourself, but the browser will offer a more “predictable” experience overtime as it learns more about your browsing habits.

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