At least 103 Uber drivers are facing accusations of sexual assault, per CNN investigation

Uber is facing numerous complaints regarding sexual assaults against its drivers, and the company hasn't completely been honest about exactly how many cases it's dealing with. Well, according to an investigation by CNN, it reveals that at least 103 Uber drivers in the United States are facing accusations and being sued over sexual assault and abuse over the past four years.

In the investigation, CNN reviewed court documents as well as police reports from 20 states, and further revealed that at least 31 of the company drivers are being convicted. The crimes that drivers face range from touching and false imprisonment to rape of passengers.

Majority of the victims involved with the 103 cases were inebriated or had at least a few drinks. CNN puts Uber on spotlight that the company claims to be a safe way to get home. The company has even advertised showing women taking an Uber after being out at night, and even teamed up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to launch a designated driver campaign that urges women to use Uber‘s services instead of driving under the influence and putting themselves in danger.

Our of the 103 cases, 18 have been already dropped or dismissed, there was not data included on complaints that couldn't be verified with incident reports. It's worth noting that since CNN was only able to look at documentation from 20 states, it's highly probable that Uber has more than 103 cases that it's dealing with.

While majority of CNN‘s investigation is focused around Uber, it isn't the only ride-hailing company facing these accusations. CNN also found that there were 18 cases against Lyft drivers accusing them of sexual assault over the past four years.

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