Snap offers new Spectacles with better quality

Previous rumors hold true because Snap has unveiled a new set of Spectacles that offer new colors and better specs. The new models will finally be water resistant, are lighter and more sleek while offering better resolution for both photos and videos. You can pick them up in three colors (Ruby, Onyx and Sapphire), which are a tad more exciting than the Teal, Coral and Black colors previously offered in the last model.

Speaking in terms of specifics about the Spectacles, the temple area of the frame is 30 percent smaller than before, and size of the charging case has dropped by 20 percent. The video resolution now sits at 1,216 x 1,216 instead of 1,088 and 1,088. The new photo mode (previous model didn't have this) will take Snaps at 1,642 x 1,642.

To further add, there's a new WiFi-only import mode that works faster, so images will transfer only in HD, and appear in Memories four times faster. The new dual microphones will also grab much better sound quality.

In terms of pricing, the original Spectacles were offered at $129 and arrived with a lot of hype, but sales didn't live up to expectations, which reportedly left hundreds of thousands of unsold units. The new Spectacles, however, are will cost $150 (£150 in the UK) in the UK, Canada and France (will become available elsewhere in Europe on May 3rd) and are exclusively available at Spectacles.com.

Hamza Khalid

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