Ohio university is offering a ‘Fornite’ eSports scholarship

Ohio university is offering a ‘Fornite’ eSports scholarship

Ever thought universities would be handing out Fornite scholarships? Well, it's happening. Ohio's Ashland University's new eSports program is the first in the US to offer player scholarships for battle royals game Fornite.

They're be planning a four-player team alongside teams for Overwatch and League of Legends when the program debuts in the collegiate eSports area next fall.

First announced in February, Ashland University is making it the latest university that will join a collegiate scene that's really taking off. Fortnite is an obvious because of how popular it is and has a wide appeal. You see NBA players like rookie Lonzo Ball and many others playing the game like their life depends on it.

Prospective players will also get the game for free. Ashland University is offering $4,000 scholarships to their student e-athletes, and will be announcing open tryouts for its Fornite team in the future.

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