Walmart finally bringing a cleaner, sleeker website in May

Be prepared for a better, less blue experience.

I don’t know about you, but when I visit Walmart’s website, I notice the website feeling a little dated. In a few weeks though, you might not be able to recognize the company’s website because it’s getting a total design change. The company says it is “an entirely new look and feel,” and they’re right to say that based on some previews we’ve already seen.

Taking a look at the image the company released with its announcement, we’re expecting a much cleaner look for the website with photos that look a lot more appealing, to say the least. Walmart US e-commerce chief Marc Lore said, they’re featuring relatable photography to “bring more human element to the site.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Walmart execs decided that the company’s website needs a design overhaul and a sleeker look to appeal to higher-end brands, so that it can expand the range of products it offers to customers. With the new sleeker look, it’s to entice customers to make more product purchases, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. You will also notice that the website isn’t a whole lot of blue anymore.

A redesign isn’t the only thing Walmart is bringing. The new website will also offer a quick way to repurchase items that you’ve previously purchased. It will highlight the best-selling items in your area of interest so that you’re not the last person among your friends to find a good deal. Walmart’s execs believe that by bringing more expensive brands and having people spend more time on the website, it could lead the company to become more profitable.

The Wall Street Journal

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