UK is reportedly preparing for a Russian-backed cyberattack

Tensions between the two have intensified.

Tensions between the UK and Russia continue to rise, both sides are now preparing themselves for cyberattacks. According to The Times, Prime Minister Theresa May has been receiving intelligence risk assessments regarding a possible Russian-based cyberattack that could end up releasing embarrassing or compromising information about UK ministers, members of parliament and others.

Unnamed security sources told The Times that in the case of an attack on UK infrastructure, British officials are prepared to launch their own cyberattacks against Russia. Intelligence officials are on high alert right now for such an attack to occur and are prepared for retaliation both the UK response to a nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughters as well as this weekend’s strikes on Syrian chemical storage facilities, development centers and bunkers. UK, US and France all participated in the strikes.

“It wouldn’t be impossible that they get through in some way that really hurts us. If they aggressively come after us, we will certainly have the ability to do some stuff to them. But unlike Russia, we abide by the law, so anything we do would be proportionately done,” said one source. Another added, “They’re more likely to revert to targeted information and try and cause as much embarrassment and chaos as possible.”


The Times

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