Netflix is now boasting 125 million subscribers

This is the company’s second biggest quarterly growth ever.

In Netflix’s first quarterly report for 2018 financial year, we’ve learned several points, especially that the company isn’t slowing down in subscriber growth. Over the last three months, the company added another 7.4 million subscribers (19.6 million were from the US), making this its second-biggest quarter ever and is enough to hit the 125 million subscribers mark.

The company’s ongoing addition of new content certainly helps attract new customers, especially since the company has been heavily investing in loads of original programming. Netflix said: “the event showcased how a big branded film can be marketed and delivered to consumers instantaneously across the globe without a wait for the theatrical window.”

The company said that Spanish series Money Heist became its “most-watched non-English series on Netflix ever. The company confirmed that it will spend between $7.5 and $8 billion this year on content, there isn’t much else to announce. The company briefly touched on its new agreement with Comcast, and while it didn’t reveal the new bundle prices, it did say that “We believe that the lower churn in these bundles offsets the lower Netflix ASP.”

If you’re interested, the company has also posted the video of its earnings Q&A call for the quarter, which can be viewed below.

Netflix Q1 2018 (PDF)

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